Who We Are

3Star Productions is a world-wide full service production company based in Los Angeles and New York City. We provide premier service to all aspects of still photography, video and commercial production. From budgets, casting, location scouting and permitting, to catering, travel arrangements and all other production needs, 3Star guarantees every detail is cared for. It is our goal to exceed the expectations of our clients and to ensure that each project is executed with efficiency and care. With over 30 years of combined experience, 3Star is an industry leader. Deeply committed to the environment, we are constantly looking at ways to lower the impact of each and every production, while maintaining the highest quality service. Please review our list of our clients at your convenience. Let 3Star Productions be part of your future projects.


  • Estimating and Budget Management
  • Insurance & Permits
  • Carnets and Visas
  • B-Roll and Video Production
  • Location Scouting - domestic and international
  • Casting Services
  • Motorhomes and Production trailers
  • Creative Crew - hair, makeup, set design, props, etc.
  • Photo and Video Crew
  • On site catering and craft service
  • Studio and Equipment Rental
  • On-site Security
  • Exotic Animals
  • Helicopters and Aerial shoots
  • Worldwide travel arrangements
  • Etcetera - we'll figure it out!